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Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We have tried to cover all the questions most commonly asked about our product, however, if you can not find the information you are looking for, simply send us an email at or call us directly at (321)327-5550 and someone from our knowledgeable staff will help you!


What is the bedazzled coating made of?
The coating is a combination of sanding sugars and food coloring, that has absolutely no texture or taste to it and is completely safe for all ages. The main ingredient in our product is starch based (similar to gum arabic), however, it is truly the PROCESS, and not the product used that creates the "Bedazzled" effect...and that is our trade secret!


What type of chocolate do you use?
The chocolate is our own custom blend of both a Swiss and Belgium chocolate, and is manufactured exclusively for Bedazzle My Bonbons. The bedazzle coloring needs just the right chemistry of cocoa butter... and diary products for it to stick, so the actual chocolate is our "secret" recipe and then we bedazzle the bonbons!


Can I choose my colors and flavors?
Each and every order is specifically bedazzled for each individual event. YOU decide exactly what colors and flavors YOU want YOUR bonbons to be! There is no additional charge for mixing and matching, so have FUN with it and get CREATIVE! In addition, we at Bedazzle My Bonbons know how essential color is to any event. If you can't find the perfect shade to match your color scheme, we will be happy to match any swatch of fabric, flower or table linen and create the PERFECT color for your event at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Simply send us a swatch, and we will customize a BEDAZZLING new color JUST FOR YOU!


What is your most popular flavor?
Our original flavor is definitely our most popular (it is a custom blend of both a milk and dark chocolate), but each flavor is truly better than the next! It does not cost you anymore to try them all, so have fun with ALL our FABULOUS flavors!


Do you have a order minimum?

There is a $150 minimum on all orders, this includes bulk bonbons, boxed bonbons and dazzle pops.


We are also happy to apply a 15% discount to Not For Profit and charitable organizations (please provide documentation pertaining to these organizations).
Event planners, Caterers and Hospitality Professionals with a tax resale number are eligible to purchase Bedazzle My Bonbons products on a wholesale basis.


How much lead time do I need to place the order?
Every order is custom made for that specific event. We have a production calendar that is used to schedule a time to make each order. Due to the overwhelming demand for our products, we STRONGLY suggest placing your orders well in advance. Bulk orders can be filled fairly quickly, however boxes orders need several weeks lead time, ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. We always suggest placing an order sooner rather than later.


Do the bonbons only come in one size or shape?
The bonbons are currently available in one size. A true bonbon is said to be a perfectly round, bite size serving of chocolate with a soft ganache center. We at Bedazzle My Bonbons feel that our bonbons are the PERFECT size and shape to indulge just a little...without all the guilt!


Is the product Kosher?
Bedazzle My Bonbons products are currently NOT Kosher. We hope to offer a Kosher equivalent sometime in the future.


Once I receive the bonbons, how do I store them?
The bonbons are ideal in a well air conditioned room that is at a constant temperature of 74 degree's or below. You can refrigerate the bonbons, and even freeze them and they will stay pristine and perfect for up to 6 months! When you are ready to serve your bonbons after freezing, allow them to thaw for a few hours until they reach room temperature.


Does your product contain nuts?

Our original, mint, extra dark, white chocolate, dulce de leche & raspberry do not contain nuts, however, they are manufactured in the same facility where our hazelnut and peanut butter bonbons are made.


Once my order ships, how long until I receive it?
We take as much care in shipping your orders, as we do in making our delicious bonbons, and due to the perishable nature of chocolate, we use 2 day shipping during the warmer months (May- September) and offer 2 or 3 day shipping during the cooler months (October- April).
Most addresses within Florida can be shipped ground and arrive the following day. Please note that we do not ship to PO box addresses.
All orders are shipped on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We use UPS as our official carrier; our shipping charges are currently UPS fee's based on weight, dimensions and distance. Additionally, we will be happy to use your UPS account. There will be anywhere from a $10.50-$20.50 surcharge for our custom shipping packaging and reusable ice packs should you choose to use your own account number.


Can you ship in warm climates and to International countries?
We at Bedazzle My Bonbons have spent a lot of time and money investing in the perfect shipping packaging. We have customized a shipping box that is made with an inch thick, silver mylar insulated lining that allows us to ship the bonbons ANYWHERE in the world, ANYTIME of the year with NO risk of spoilage! So, even if it is summer in Arizona or winter in Dubai....we will guarantee your bonbons will arrive in pristine condition! We can bedazzle your bonbons ALL YEAR ROUND!


Do you have a retail store?
We currently do not have a retail location, and choose to manufacture and distribute our product exclusively from our own production facility in Florida. All orders are placed directly by phone, as we feel this is the best way to customize each individual order and give exceptional customer service. To place an order,  please call us directly at (321) 327-5550 or you may now also fax in your orders to (813) 402-2560. Feel free to call us for advice or ideas on how to best display and serve the bonbons.....afterall, the possibilities are ENDLESS!


Bedazzle My Bonbons...The GLITTERATI of chocolate...that are both Dessert AND Decor!